Friday, April 5, 2013

GameEnthus Podcast ep135: Coming Home or Alien Hominid Money

Mikey/Leroy(@Passthemstickss) from stops by GE HQ before he heads out for vacation. Mikey is serious about his requirements for playing Castle Crashers. @Tiny415  introduces his family to Pokemon Snap! for some reason. @BigRob029 gets FiOS and relives the days of dial-up. Mike(@AssaultSuit) has another PSA and despite our cajoling he continues to enjoy baseball. Lastly Luigi's Mansion proves to be too difficult for Aaron(@Ind1fference). We also talk about: Bioshock Infinite, Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, Archer, GI Joe Retaliation, Dragon Age 2, Battleblock Theater, Admission, Argo, Injustice gods among men, Deponia, Double Dragan 2 Wander of the Dragons, Rise of the Ravager, Gentlemen Squid Studios, Regular Show  and more.
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Rise of the Ravager from Gentlemen Squid Studios
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  1. Hey there! Thank you for giving our game Rise of the Ravager a chance. Really do appreciate it!

    Couple of responses to your podcast:
    The game was designed for 1 player in mind and then we worked multiplayer in. If you find it too difficult, you can always rearrange your points. Auto Support turret helps a lot! That along with rapid fire, or screen clearing bombs really take the difficulty down early on. We did test to make sure that multiple builds are capable of completing the game, it just depends on how difficult you want to make it on yourself.

    The comment about the “bumpers/triggers is not natural” is really funny because it use to be JUST that control scheme! We’re definitely trying something different with the controller, but it can be kind of weird... at first! That was my biggest fear, so I told the team we really need to have regular buttons as an option for those who know the button colors right away.

    You never have to keep pushing the button to fire fast, so don’t worry about rapidly pushing it. Just hold it down. However, bumpers/triggers is really nice setup towards the later stages because, fully powered up, you can just squeeze and hold everything down for a “panic attack.” That’s a lot harder to hold down 4 buttons with just your thumb.

    I do hope you three can give it another shot playing with these tips in mind or even try playing it together. We do call it Missile Command meets Guitar Hero on Expert because the finger/color combo thing starts becoming addictive and second nature. There are big boss fights, different enemies, and an end game so you can beat it. Playing RotR co-op has friendly competition to steal point distribution between the players.

    Either way, I really am thankful that you gave us a shot in the first place! :) Take care!
    - Fabian