A satirical podcast covering a multitude of entertainment categories: sports, comics, games, nerd life and anything else you can think of. Mike a.k.a Scarfinger and Larry a.k.a Bluemanrule seek to entertain you each week.


Lasberry: YouTube, Twitter LarryAsberryJr: G+, Email, Facebook
Bluemanrule: Twitch, Steam, Xbox Live, PSN
Google Voice: (405) 283-6376 (OFRN)

Scarfinger (Twitter), ScarfingerHoodrich (G+), Scarfinger36 (YT)
Affiliations: Geeks Gone Raw Network: Scarcasm Live, Dream Team, Just The Tips
Email: the.scarfinger@gmail.com
Scarfinger ( Xbox Live), TheScarfinger (PSN, Steam)

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