Friday, November 30, 2012

GameEnthus Podcast ep119: A Tail of Linda or Giraffobia?

Marcus "@MajorLinux" Summers from MajorsHouse and EnthusLife stops by this week. Marcus discovers that his Vita has home screen music and chooses pizza over turkey. Mike confesses that he finds the Vita music grating and has an all out battle with one of his PS3s. Both of them are also afraid of Toys R Us. BigRob eats some oyster stuffing and buys more bundles of humility. Lastly, Aaron has 3 run-ins with the law. We also discuss things like: Rise of the Guardians, DJ Cutman, Wii U, Crashmo, Wii Mini, BLOPS 2, Zone of the Enders, Three Dead Zed, Halo 4, The Walking Dead ep5, Paper Mario Sticker Star, New Super Mario Bros U, New Super Mario Bros 2, Club Nintendo, Double Dragon Neon, Intelligent Qube, OSnoob, Yaris, Ikea, ZombiU, DWB, Lumines, Magical Drop V, fly'n, Hitman games and more.

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Show Length: 161minutes(kind of versbose but good) Direct Download

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Show Music 
Intro - The Stylistics - People Make the World Go Round
Break 1 - Company Flow - Patriotism instrumental
Break 2 - Raphael Saadiq ft. Q-tip - Get Involved instrumental 
Break 3 - Lou Rawls - You'll Never Find
Break 4 - A Tribe Called Quest - Scenario instrumental  
Break 5 - Double - Captain of her Heart  
Outro - Kanye West - Flashing Lights instrumental  
ShowCap - Wings - Band on the Run


  1. it took me way too long to realize that the giraffe picture was geoffrey. your picture puzzle nearly stumped me this time....

    clever girl.

  2. Girl? I am just glad someone looks at them. Often time my "genius" goes unnoticed.