Thursday, March 21, 2013

GameEnthus Podcast ep133: Outdone Undoings or Ignited Paid Grappling

Friend of the show Frank(@Emaster1980) from the Cross Border Gaming podcast and RetroFungeon joins the GE crew this week. Despite recently hijacking another podcast Frank has few demands, if any. Mike(@AssaultSuit) is still happy about Mad Men. @BigRob029 is drinking and enjoying the surprisingly unflavored Destiny Kool-aid. Lastly Aaron(@Ind1fference) learns that a certain film is anything but great and powerful. We also discuss: HarmoKnight, ColdSlither Podcast, Gears of War Judgement demo, DarkStalkers Resurreciton, Super Hexagon, DJMax Technika Tune, Dead Space 3, Alien Spidy, Tumbleweed Express, Halo 4, Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams, Destiny, The Great and Powerful Oz, RetroFungeon, Harlem Nights, Richard Pryor, Drop the beat like an ugly Baby, Silver Hawks, DLC Quest Live Freemium or Die, The Office, Seal Team 12 and more.

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Show Length:  110 minutes Direct Download

Show Links
Cross Border Gaming
RetroFungeon   Frank/CBG on Youtube
Tumbleweed Express
ColdSlither Podcast Challonge links: Slither Madness  Crushes
BigRob playing Super Hexagon
Aaron playing Alien Spidy
GameEnthus' Unfinished Business(death to the backlog!)
Community Info
@GameEnthus @EnthusLife @Couch4Podcast  @Shadow4Podcast @NHSpodcast @GeeksGoneRaw  @Podcast64  @SingleSimulcast

Independent Thought Game

DLC Quest Live Freemium or Die
Seal Team 12
Battle High 2
Things You Need To Look At or Listen to
BigRob's Tumblr page

GameEnthus' Youtube Page
Negotiations Have Succeeded Podcast
Major's House
GeeksGoneRaw Collective(great podcast community)

Show Music
Intro - Ultramagnetic MCs - Poppa Large
Break 1 - Beastie Boys - Ch-check it out instrumental
Break 2 - Modest Mouse - Float On
Break 3 - Biz Markie - Spring Again
Break 4 - KRS-One - Wannabeemceez instrumental
Outro - Donnell Jones - U Know What's Up instrumental
Showcap - Baz Luhrman - Sunscreen

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