Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hemlock Grove Spoilercast: Part 1

Episode 1 of a multi-part series stars SherrysJoy, The Wolfkin, and BigRob029 as they take an in-depth look at the Netflix Original Series, Hemlock Grove.

This episode is complete with spoilers and various plot points. It is best enjoyed with some working knowledge of the show, however, it could also be used as epic motivation to check it out. We analyze episodes 1-4 in an attempt to understand the deeper meanings and themes within the show. Enjoy.

Shoutouts and Thank You's:
  • The Wolfkin - This GameEnthus vet is on a mission to discover the secrets within the small town of Hemlock Grove, hopefully we've instilled some sort of intrigue an interest within him.
  • Sherry'sJoy - GGR spokeswoman, and EnthusLife partner Sherry keeps this thing afloat and is well on her way to becoming an expert in Hemlock-ology. 

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