Thursday, December 26, 2013

Notes from the Sing-Off 12-23-13: I'm Out

I was hesitant of posting this because of my feelings for the winners but i want to finish this experiment so here are my notes for the finale of my new obsession. lol

Always loves the intros. Great sing choice. Austin seems really seems out of place. Emani is by far the best closer in this competition. Even in the openers.

The consensus is Home Free will take it all. I swear I'll riot.

Super looking forward to PTX. Yes I'm a Stan.

Who dresses Shawn? Really?

Shawn was really crunk during Nick's song.

It Had To Be You was so fake but delightful anyway.

"Them Kats" rocked Jingle Bell Rock. Wasn't expecting much Christmas music.

Ten and Shawn
- Like the song choice. Should be fun
- Shawn was alright by himself with backup. He really tried to show off though. I guess he was thinking Wanya wasn't there to still his thunder so go big. lol
- Good performance. I wish the soloists from Ten got some run though
- I realized I'm spelling Emani's name wrong. My bad.

Street Corner made me simultaneously miss them and remember why they aren't here anymore. Is that bad?

The Filharmonic. I fox with them. I wish they were still around

-I love them. I'm such a stan
-Don't know the song
-Still could destroy this competition.
-What they do with 3 singers is magic
-Dammit, they won. Fuck this competition
-Avi is the man

Calle Sol I liked them. I like them better now when they have no room to dance.

Home Free
-They are good. I just hope they don't win.
-I hate how they've mostly stood or sat around all competition
-They too good to dismiss but I think they never took any risks.
-Bass pimping with the low notes. I mean he really hit it twice for no reason at all. Sigh

Loved 98 Degrees back in the day. They work well together. Drew tried to get off until Nick's solo. Silly rabbit. Lol. When he sings you can see the totality of Nick's dental work. Must have cost a fortune

The Footnotes remixed Deck the Halls with Footloose?  That's why yalls asses went home first.

Vocal Rush and Ben
-I love how he got them in on the song
-Dynamite arrangement
-Felt the groove. Liked it.

Can we make Element battle again? That's the only time I wanna hear them sing.

I love Voice Play. Wish they were here except Home Free.

- They are so good. I hope they pull this last joint off. I think the judges have other ideas. I don't trust them.
- I hope they let Emani take it home. I also realized I've been spelling her name wrong. Oops
- The modulation? Perfection
- Didn't know the song but they rocked as usual.
- I hope its enough.
- No matter that happens, I'm a fan for as long as they do music together.

Home Free and Jewel
-Cool. She has a nice voice. Its a bit too country for my tastes. Especially when she sang higher/louder. Her low is very jazzy
-I like how they got some burn in her perfomance.
-What's up woth her hand gestures?

Pat & Neal with the folks
-Glad they got something for the losers to do. #evl
-Pat was singing hard as fuck yo.
-Did Neal sing?
-Cool but extremely random song choice

Vocal Rush
- Perfect song choice.
- They slayed this last episode. If they win I can't be mad
- Leads were on fire.
- I'm glad there was no rap

Y'all know I call it Ten>VR>HF but I'm biased. Really interested in how the judges call it.

VR third? Oh no its gonna happen ain't it?

How may times did I say I don't trust the judges? Fuck them. Fuck them all. Not sure I'm coming back. Next season. This was bullshit.

I'm out.

Youtube user Partick Harris has the clips of all of the performances but they are kinda in reverse order. Enjoy.

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