Friday, April 4, 2014

GameEnthus ep178: Lamination Stage or Dumb Audible

This week Wolfkin(@Wolfkin), Rashanii(@Rashanii) from SingleSimulacast and Sliderwave(@Sliderwave) from join Tiny/Dave(@Tiny415) and Aaron(@Ind1fference) to talk about: Amazon Fire TV, Cloudbuilt, Bioshock Burial at Sea ep2, Fez, Guacamelee!, Luftrausers, The Pizza Song, Spinal Tap Krautscape, Platformines, Mercenary Kings, Plants vs Zombies 2, The Blue Man Group, Sonic RPG, Coming to America sitcom, Gangsta Auto Thief, Muppets, Sesame Street, Print n Play Board Games, Black Jeopary, Cut the Rope 2, One Finger Death Punch, South Park The Stick of Truth, InFamous Second Son, Final Fantasy X, Deadpool, Block Legend, Smash Hit, Trials of Glork, Picross, Tappingo, Black Dynamite, Chromecast, The Pirate Bay Bundle and more.

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Show Length:  155 minutes  Direct Download

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GamesVille USA
Pizza Song
Black Jeopardy
Coming to America sitcom pilot

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Show Music
Intro - Jeru tha Damaja - Me or the Papes instrumental
Break 1 - De La Soul - Bionix instrumental
Break 2 - Da Youngstas - Pass the Mic instrumental
Break 3 - Bad Dudes - Stage 2 Music
Break 4 - Disasterpeace - Beacon (Fez soundtrack)
Break 5 - Devotchka - How it Ends
Outro/Shopcap - Blackstar - KOS(Knowledge of Self) instrumental

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