Sunday, September 4, 2016

SL299 Coheased

Visit Chase's Website for more information on his livestreams and Extra Live marathons @
Diablo 3, Borderlands 2, Prison Aechitect, Viva Pinata, Rimworld, Halo MCC, Tekken Tag, NBA Jam, Division, UFC 2, Korra, Thundercats, Gene Wilder, Planet Fitness, Suicide Squad, Narcos, Black Masses, Pokemon Go, No Man Sky, Madden 17, The Crew. Enjoy!!!

Twitter: @Scarfinger, @NemesisPrime117, @BigDadieHarold
G+: Scarfinger Hoodrich, Harold Pimpdaddy, Scarcasm World (Community), The Dream Team (Community)
FB Group: Geeks Gone Raw
Voicemail: (757) 774-8447
Laid Back's Mixcast:
Xbox: Scarfinger, Bigdadie561
Playstation: TheScarfinger, BIGdadie
Steam: TheScarfinger
Clash of Clans Clan: Destiny 101
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