Sunday, July 15, 2018

SL363 Falling in the Trap

SL363 Falling in the Trap

In this show we are joined by Rob aka Awesome Rob for the monthly live show. Yes, that Awesome Rob. We good now. If you know the show and it's history you know this is an important moment for me and the show and we appreciate him having fun with us. His links are below.

Twitter: @awesomerob029

Rabbit Group for Movie Nights:
Twitter: @Scarfinger, @NemesisPrime117, @BigDadieHarold, @AwakenedHeathen
G+: Scarfinger Hoodrich, Harold Pimpdaddy, Scarcasm World (Community), The Dream Team (Community)
FB Group: Geeks Gone Raw
Voicemail: (757) 774-8447
Laid Back's Mixcast:
Xbox: Scarfinger, Bigdadie561
Playstation: TheScarfinger, BIGdadie, AwakenedHeathen
Steam: TheScarfinger

**We appreciate you listening & we look forward to your feedback**


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