Thursday, March 28, 2013

GGR021 NIPOE Show - Not A Wake

Twitter @NIPOEShow


1. Star Wars: Legacy
2. Defiance
3. Movies I’ve watched: Looper, Hobbitt, Total Recall, and RE 5
4. Army of Two Demo
5. Games I’ve played: AC3, AC3 Tyranny of King Washington, The Walking Dead SI, and Madden (NFC Championship Game for Online Franchise)

Scarcasm 5
1. Twitter Download
2. Tropico/sim city
3. Game Prequels
4. Saints Row 4, Fuse, GTA 5
5. Played Civ Rev, GTA 4, Saints Row the Third, NCAA 13, AC2

Review/ Game Pick: Alan Wake

Skipping Poll playing Crackdown

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