Monday, November 18, 2013

GameEnthus Podcast ep163: Suit Status or Dr. "Cossack"

Elaine(@Etdragon) from Some Other Castle shares her PS3 memories. Mike (@AssaultSuit) treats us to his recent movie recommendation and  Aaron(@Ind1fference) finally appreciates Lumines.
Topics: PS4, PS3, Thor The Dark World, The Bridge, Stick it to The Man, Batman Arkham Origins, Knack, Pokemon Y, GTA V, GTA IV, Ride to Hell, Super Mario Wii U, The Puppeteer, Buried at Sea DLC, Killer Instinct, Velocity Ultra, Ouya, Dead Rising 3, Retron 5, Street Fighter II HD Remix, The Sitter, Sonic games, Castlevania and Lumines.

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Show Length:  122 minutes Direct Download

Show Links
Some Other Castle Podcast
Elaine on Youtube

Killer Instinct of Grey's Anatomy
Mike's Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate Review

The Married Gamers
GameEnthus' Unfinished Business(death to the backlog!)
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Break 1 - Mood - Karma instrumental
Break 2 -Jeru the Damaja - Scientifical Madness instrumental
Break 3 - Chris Hadfield's Space Oddity rendition
Break 4 - Super Mario Galaxy - Starbit Festival
Break 5 - Jay -Z - Decemeber 4th instrumental
Outro/Showcap - Nelly - Grillz instrumental

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