Thursday, December 12, 2013

Notes from The Sing-Off 12-11-13: Sol-less

I wanted to do this for the first episode but didn't get around to it. I sent a couple of tweets instead. this is just my thoughts were watching the show. I watched it a day late because I was at a party the night before. These are my thoughts while watching as if I was live tweeting. The only thing I knew in advance was who went home. After watching I understood why. I’m thinking of doing these for all of the shows. I may even go back if you want me to. Let me know what you think.

These openers are fantastic they should just do that for a whole show dammit!

Vocal Rush
-They are making the kids go first again? Kinda messed up. I think they can handle it though.
-I thought the performance was good not great. Not too many singers could match Martha Wash anyway.
-Is it me or did they get the thick chick to be Martha on purpose? Nah they kids they have no idea. lol

Home Free
-The effect of adding one person at a time was effective
-They are pimping out the bass dude hard son. Wonder if Austin is low key hatin. He supposed to be the star dammit! lol
-Key change was dope
-Great performance

Voice Play
-I like Honey at the front of this group.
-I like the remix played to their strengths better than the first song
-Thank you for not trying to be PTX so hard
-Much better than last show. Good show

Street Corner Renaissance
-Classic. Not sure how long they will last with the old style but they bringing it back.
-Soul brother #1 was killin em with the dancing
-Good. Clean. Consistent. Dope.

-I didn't like the last performance and though they should have been in the bottom instead of Voice Play. Hope they can do better this time.
-Don’t like the harmonies.
-Props to the bass and drums
-They need a Star/Lead. They don't have that.

-Is it me or did both college groups put their person of color on display?
-The black dude always seems like he's singing Shakespeare. lol
-Solid and fun performance. Didn't love it.
-Them nut squeezing highs? Whew

Calle Sol
-I like them but they need to watch the dancing
-Why did they slow down the song in the beginning? Ain’t this a party?
-It was just ok. Thank you for no dance break.
-After Jewel spoke that one chick hit the Drumline head bow and started crying. She knew they were done on these acapella streets.

-Who want some of Debo?
-Too Strong
-Fantastic show
-It seemed like the lead from last show was the key. Man I was wrong. They too good.

The Filharmonic
-I like that they stayed in the pocket last time
-Backround doesnt do enough in the beginning. Made up for it at the halfway mark.
-Epic smooth down. Loved the arrangement
-Bangin harmonies.
-Great show. Still in the pocket working their strengths.

I'm thinking Calle Sol and Element for the battle. I could be wrong though.
I was. Element survived. I think the Kats will crush Calle Sol.

The Battle
-The white dude for the Kats was the dagger for Calle that high note killed them
-Calle needed to stop dancing and focus more. That's was the problem this whole time. They never had the singers to pull this off
-I'm callin Kats even though I know they won. They deserved to win.

Final thoughts
-Surprised the Kats were in the bottom 2. They were much better than Element who somehow keeps surviving the cuts. Not sure how. They need to be out of here.
-It's gonna take a major fuckup for Ten not to take this whole thing. This wont be easy with Vocal Rush but they just too strong for the rest of them.
-Someone needed to tell Calle Sol to stop saying they were dancers. The were unsympathetic because of it. Dancing doesn't mean much in an acapella competition. PTX didn't dance much at all. Work the stage. Changing that one word would have made me care ol’ chick was crying.

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