Thursday, December 12, 2013

Notes from The Sing-Off 12-12-13: Back on the block

I love the intros. Whoever produces this is awesome.

Early prediction Kats and Filharmonic in the battle.

-I expect greatness. They deliver
-They are just too good for most of their competitors
-That groove is too much
-The take em to church moment was flawless
-Nothing else to say.

Them Kats
-Didn't think they deserved to be in the bottom last time.
-Same lead that saved them in the battle stands up. Yes
-Love it. Just sing it straight with great harmony.
-The proposal? Dope. Took rocks to do that in front of millions.

Street Corner Renaissance
-Song choice was right up their alley
-Swag personified but it only gets you so far
-The make every song their own and that's dope but they need to go outside their comfort zone for the win. Can't get at Ten like that

Good show so far. Gonna be a hard decision for the battle

The Filharmonic
-Love the song choice
-They are a totally have the boy band thing down
-They look like they are about to belt out Step By Step
-Lead struggled on the highs. Other than that good performance

I would hate to have to make this decision. Wasn't expecting Street Corner. I got one right. I can't call it.

The Battle
-I just can't call it. I wanna see more of both. Dammit.
-It could have gone either way. Congrats to The Filharmonic

Final Thoughts
-I hated to see Street Corner go but the Filharmonic are much better for this competition
-I’m really going to be rooting for the demise of them chicks on the next show. How have they survived so far?
-Does anybody want it with Ten? Not likely. Their potential is scary

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