Thursday, December 19, 2013

Notes from the Sing-Off 12-19-13: Free and Clear [Updated]

Intro would have been better if I knew the song

Good song choices from the judges

If Home Free skates again without being in the bottom imma be pissed

The Filharmomic
- I like them but I think this is the "End of the Road" for them
- Not their best at all. They going to the bottom
- They didn't do enough with it to set themselves up as elite

- Not feeling the "gospel" tag they all of a sudden got.
- Song choice is perfect
- Dee did great but Imani needed to carry the end like normal
- I think the judges nitpicked a bit. They may be trying to  justify a Ten battle.

Home Free
- More country? Cmonson!
- I don't get the love of these bass pimpin dudes
- The Beard takes the lead. Awesome
- Austin is really good
- They did really good on this. Dammit

Vocal Rush
- They may be the ones to push Ten to the battle
- Don't know the song but I have faith in them to pull this off
- Sidney killed the beginning.
- They just put Ten in the battle. Dammit
- Good Show

I'm thinking Ten takes out T-Fil in the battle.

The Battle
- I'd hate for it to be
- Joe is trying really hard. He killed by himself.
- Pretty even battle.
- I'm wishing Ten but it could go either way
- I'm calling bullshit. They tried to call out Ten for being too gospel but that battle was all gospel and they won. I told you I didn't trust these judges. Not at all.
- I'd hate to admit this but Ten lost this battle but I think they should survive. The judges wanted to send a message that no one is safe. Except Home FN Free

Final Thoughts
- Home free is the ouly group that was allowed to not put on a full show. They just got to sit there and sing. matter of fact there has been little movement from them this whole competition. It seems to be point of contention with groups like VR and T-Fil that them movement affects the sound sometimes. They never have to worry about that because they get a pass. Bullshit. They should not have survived last show. Period
- If Home Free wins there will be a riot. At least in my house. A riot it tell you!!!! RIOT!!!!
- Ten fucked up the formula by not letting Imani bring the performance home. She worked it in the battle but they cant lose sight of it come Monday or they will lose.
- I'm a PTX stan so i hope they bring it on the finale. PTX vs them all in a battle? Yaaaaassssssss hunty!!! (Scandal Talk. lol)

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