Thursday, December 19, 2013

Notes from the Sing-Off 12-18-13: Bye Bye Bye

Best version of Time of my life ever.
Anyone else there always seems to be the same singers singing lead on these intros?

Battle Show!!!! I got my wish. 2 teams will be out though. Sadface

This is the first show where I didn't have any group to dislike. Gonna be a tough show to watch. Also I don't trust the judges anymore.

Home Free
-I hope their bass pimpin asses get exposed
-I'm glad they are stepping out of the zone but I don't like the choice. I hope they can do something new. I doubt they can
-Bass pimpin. SMH
-Smooth out moment was cool but was out of place
-Song wasn't country but still sounded country. They gotta show something different to win
-Ok arrangement but not good enough for me.
-Austin is the star they need to lean on him and stop bass pimpin if they survive

Vocal Rush
-They didn't deserve to be in the last battle. I hope they get to take out Home Free.
-Love the song choice
-Wow she's the beat boxer?
-They got skills but Jordan is the horse to ride. If they win it's because of her holding it down like the first song. The other singers are good but lack star power on their own
-Great job
-I don't think anyone else other than them can handle Ten. That battle will be be fantastic

The AcoUstiKats (I think this will be the last time I have to spell that. lol)
-I like the Katz but they weak comparatively
-Song choice is up their alley. I like it
-Glad they decided to run with Ross
-Changes were dope. The country and gospel feel killed but I'm with Ben. The song is a out rock and roll. Just do that next time. If there is a next time.

The Filharmonic
-Love them. The boy band thing works well for them
-Dig the song choice. I've sang it a few times so I know the power of it. I hope they crush
-Alright performance. Joe rose to there occasion and won for them
-Crying could be the dagger. They could come off as weak

-I love them now that they abandoned the "almost PTX" thing they had going at first
-Not sure I like the song choice. I hope they can do well
-When it came unglued I was in heaven. Did not care for the beginning. They killed at the end

-They the beast of this show. Not sure what it will take to remove them from this competition.
-Risky choice with such a recent and memorable but no reason they won't do well
-They too good
-Masterful performance
-You can't touch them
-Dee is really coming out as the horse. When someone need to step up she has them covered.
-Imani is the DH of this group. She brings it home every time

Battle time yo!!!

Battle 1 Kats vs VP
Great. Ross and Honey shined.
They worked together and put on a great show
If I had to call a winner. I think *sigh* Them Kats
That's a battle call only. VP had a better selection. It may be enough to save them.

Battle 2 VR vs Ten
-I think this is too early for this matchup. Both should be safe
-Its very much a time machine performance
-The best battle so far. No winner for me. Can't call it.
-This is the battle of the show. Its what it comes down to. Please let them both be safe

Battle 3 T-Fil vs HF
-I hope the hype of Home Free won't let them get rid of T-Fil
-I hope it doesn't sound too country. That's all HF can do.
-The snaps? Cmonson
-Joe is a star.
-Beat box battle was dope

Home Free survived again!!!!! Nigga what the fuck!!!
Someone I like is going home. Sad face.

I'm ok with the choice. I knew the Kats were donzo but I'm gonna miss VoicePlay. Again I have no trust in the judges anymore.

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