Thursday, May 1, 2014

GameEnthus Podcast ep181: E.T. as a verb or College Ruled Uno

This week Cag Man(@CagManThing) joins Tiny(@Tiny415), Mike(@AssaultSuit) and Aaron(@Ind1fference) to talk about: Mario Kart 8, Disney Infinity 2.0, Nintendo @ E3, Quiznos, PS4 1.7 firmware, Skylanders, American Girl Store/Bistro, indentity theft, Udraw, Hook, Mercenary Kings, TitanFall, Vagrant Story, Yaiba Ninja Gaiden, OctoDad, 2DS, Assault Android Cactus, Bob Hoskins(RIP), Thomas Was Alone, Bit Boy Arcade, Ouya playcast, We Are Doomed, Child of Light, Cel Damage HD, MOGA controllers, Tom Sparks and the Quakes of Ruin and more.

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Show Length:  145 minutes  Direct Download

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Show Music
Intro - Lord Finesse - Hip 2 da game instrumental
Break 1 - Smif n Wessun - Bucktown instrumental
Break 2 - Baltimora - Tarzan Boy
Break 3 - Naoki Kodaka/Nobuyuki Hara - Batman NES Theme 
Break 4 - Rygar Theme
Break 5 - De La Soul - Keepin' the Faith instrumental
Break 6 - Angie Stone - Wish I Didn't Miss You
Outro - Stevie Wonder - I Believe(When I fall in love)
Showcap - De La Soul - Sunshine instrumental 

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