Friday, September 26, 2014

New GE podcast: ep198 or Fresh Chess

This week the Dave K(@Good4Gaming / @Robop1g) , Henry(@KNOXbroadcast) from Open Forum Radio and Slider(@Sliderwave) hang out with Tiny(@Tiny415) and Aaron(@Ind1fference) to talk about: Amiibos, New 3DS, Destiny, Pax Prime, Firewatch, Halo Collection, EA Access, War of the Vikings, Blur, Saints Row 3, AbleGamers, Operation Supply Drop,   Expendabros, Dance Central Spotlight, Extra Life, Open Forum Radio, The Refreshments, Roger Cline and the Peacemakers, Ryse, Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Adam, Shazam, Marvel, DC, Fantastic Four, Super Time Force, Gamers in Beta, Toshiba Mini, madden 15, Warframe, Rogue Legacy, Starfox 64, Screencheats, SpeedRunners, Killzone, Half-life 2 on Oculus Rift, Hearthstone, Bioshock iOS, The Fall, Little Big Planet 3 beta, Tappingo 2, Cubemen 2, N64, Turok 2 Seeds of Evil, Hauppauge PVR 2 and more.
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Show Length:  167 minutes  Direct Download

 Show Links
Dave K's extra-life page

Open Forum Radio
Destiny Planetary View
Tiny's new game/comic series
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Listen to Tiny's new show
New videos at
 Community Info
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Show Music
Intro  1 - De La Soul - Thru Ya City instrumental
Break 2 - Kanye West - Drive Slow instrumental
Break 3 - M.O.P - Ante Up instrumental
Break 4 - Kishi Bashi - Bright Whites
Break 5 - Muppet Most Wanted OST - We're Doing a Sequel
Break 6 - Muppet Most Wanted OST - I'll Get You What You Want
Break 7 - Castlevania II OST - Monster Dance(Night Theme)
Break 8 - Bastion OST - Twisted Streets
Break 9  - Kanye West - Blame Game instrumental
Break 10 - Mos Def - Next Universe instrumental
Outro/Showcap - Q-tip, Mos Def and Tash - Body Rock instrumental

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