Thursday, August 2, 2018

SL366 Black Belichick

SL366 Black Belichick with @JayDukes from the Notcho Friends Podcast . Also Twitch/XBox Live/Steam/Blizzard: JayDukes

Alternate Show Titles:
The Notorious RBG
Them Riblets Tho
Drake The Warlock
Hairnet Food Stains

Rabbit Group for Movie Nights:
Twitter: @Scarfinger, @Crucialchase, @NemesisPrime117, @BigDadieHarold,
G+: Scarfinger Hoodrich, Harold Pimpdaddy, Scarcasm World (Community), The Dream Team (Community)
FB Group: Geeks Gone Raw
Voicemail: (757) 774-8447
Laid Back's Mixcast:
Xbox: Scarfinger, Crucial Chase, Bigdadie561,
Playstation: TheScarfinger, AwakenedHeathen, BIGdadie,
Steam: TheScarfinger, Crucial Chase

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